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We'll Sing For You

We are happy to perform for any event: company parties, private gatherings, charity events, concerts, wedding proposals, weddings, and more in the greater-Charlottesville area as well as up and down the East Coast. No special equipment is required (although a mic is useful in larger venues).

We'll Sing With You

We love having the opportunity to visit and mix with other a cappella groups in and around the area. Let us know if you are interested in inviting us to your hometown or if you would like to come visit us on your next tour.


Executive Members

Music Director: Lindsay Irwin - 

Assistant Music Director: Tara Srivastava -

President: Lindsey Porter -

Business Manager: Anne Satterwhite -

Publicity Manager: Emma Kate Eyre -

Social Chair/Tour Manager: Naeha Ganesan -